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ZD SeriesPulse Backflushing Central Dust Collection System

ZD SeriesPulse Backflushing Central Dust Collection System
Product introduction

ZD-pulse backflush central dust collection system   


>> Product Introduction


ZD SeriesPulse Backflushing Central Dust Collection System

>>ZD SeriesPulse Backflushing Central Dust Collection System

ZD series filter cartridge filtering and pulse cleaning are the prominent features. The split structure can match high-power and high-air volume fans. Widely used in a large number of fine dust, multi-station operations, grinding, polishing, sandblasting operations, copper clad laminate processing, ceramic green embryo processing, calcium silicate board processing, wood board cutting, sanding, powder feeding, stirring, plating Tin packaging materials, capacitor spray welding, plasma cutting and other working conditions.


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>> Basic working principle of ZD series central dust collector

ZD series central dust collector, the main body is composed of the following components: upper box, injection pipe, storage cylinder, solenoid valve, venturi deflector, air inlet, spoiler, PTFE membrane filter cartridge, system box Frame, ash bucket and exhaust port

After the dust is collected through the suction inlets and enters the dust collector, the dust-containing air enters the filter room from the airflow equalization device of the dust collector, and first encounters the spoiler in the middle of the air inlet. Due to the sudden expansion of the air flow section and the Under the action, some coarse particles in the airflow settle in the ash hopper; when the airflow passes through the filter cartridge, the dust particles are filtered by the filter with a filtering effect of up to 99%, trapped on the surface of the filter cartridge, and fall into the ash hopper. Inside, the purified gas enters the clean room and is discharged to the workshop again through the exhaust pipe of the fan room above the dust collector. The principle is shown in Figure 1.

For sparks with sparks, a spark trap should be installed at the air inlet to prevent sparks from entering the filter room, and the filter is recommended to be equipped with a flame-resistant filter cartridge (that is, made of flame-retardant materials and will not burn)


Figure 1  Dust removal principle of the central dust collector

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image030.jpgFan power unit

The fan unit adopts domestic famous brand fans (such as Jiuzhou Pratt & Whitney, Southern Fan, Infineon Fan, etc.).

The motor can be configured according to customer needs, high-quality motors such as Siemens and ABB.

Customers who have high requirements for noise can be equipped with a noise reduction speaker to isolate motor noise and reduce noise.

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Filter unit

 ZD series central dust collection system, the filter unit is a cartridge filter, polyester fiber material, PTFE coating treatment, the standard configuration is Japan Toray "TORAY" substrate for PTFE coating treatment, single filter cartridge filtration area It is 20m2, and the filtering efficiency of dust above 0.3m is more than 99%, and PTFE is not sticky with 99% of the world's substances, and it is more difficult for dust to adsorb the surface of the filter cartridge. Optional flame-resistant filter cartridge, anti-static filter cartridge, Donaldson filter cartridge, etc.

The installation of the filter cartridge adopts a vertical installation method. On the basis of ensuring the filtering area, it can effectively avoid the loss of the filter cartridge area caused by dust accumulation and the increase of the risk factor.


Filter assembly and vertical installation

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Pulse backflushing unit

Adopting the best filter cartridge cleaning technology so far, automatic pulse back-blow cleaning, and combined with the specially developed spiral injection technology, the cleaning area covers the entire surface of the filter cartridge, and there is no blind area for cleaning


Main components of pulse backflushing unit

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Ash cleaning unit

The dust cleaning method of the filter cartridge uses a pulse solenoid valve connected with a spiral nozzle to pulse backflush, the working pressure is 0.4-0.6MPa, and it can be used by connecting an air source.

The automatic pulse dust cleaning system consists of a cylinder, a solenoid valve, a PLC controller, a nozzle, and compressed air.

One end of the pulse valve is connected to the compressed air storage cylinder, and the other end is connected to the injection pipe. An exhaust valve is installed on the valve cover, and the exhaust valve is controlled by a single chip microcomputer or a DDC controller. When there is no signal from the DDC controller, the movable baffle of the exhaust valve is in the position of closing the exhaust hole; when the program controller sends a signal, the movable baffle opens, and the compressed air of the storage cylinder quickly releases pressure, so the exhaust valve The inner corrugated membrane is pressed in the opposite direction, the air outlet is opened, and the compressed air enters the filter cartridge through the pulse valve to spray the dust. When the signal disappears, the movable baffle returns to the position where the exhaust valve was originally closed, the corrugated membrane re-closes the air outlet, and the injection stops automatically. Each time the spray cleaning is completed at about 0.1 to 0.2S, it is the high-pressure air sprayed at this instant to play a good cleaning effect. The air formed a higher flow velocity in the venturi tube and entered the filter cartridge, which caused the filter cartridge to expand rapidly, causing a shock vibration, causing the dust attached to the filter cartridge to be shaken off, and the fine dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter material was shaken under the action of the airflow. Fall into the dust bucket. The pulse injection pressure is 0.4 0.6MPa, and the air supply volume must be kept constant during operation.

The 90 spiral nozzle adopts a one-piece design without internal components, which will not be permanently blocked; the streamlined design from the inlet to the outlet in the nozzle cavity can minimize the drag coefficient, thereby increasing the flow rate of the spray air; It is 50 -170 , so that the range of the jet air can completely cover the filter cartridge. The height position of the nozzle and the filter cartridge is reasonably designed to achieve the best blowing effect.

The compressed air connected to the cylinder needs to be pre-filtered by an oil-water separator to ensure that the airflow sprayed onto the filter cartridge is dry and free of impurities. At the same time, a safety exhaust valve is installed on the cylinder. When necessary, the compressed air in the air cylinder is discharged in time to ensure that On the basis of safety, increase the service life of the filter cartridge.


Schematic diagram of pulse backflushing

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Dust recovery unit

The dust collecting device adopts an automatic discharging structure. The automatic discharging valve can be opened periodically or continuously to discharge the dust in the dust collecting material. The discharged dust can be transferred by using woven bags, plastic bags, and barrels.


Automatic discharge structure

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Unloading unit

The unloading unit adopts a separate structure of upper and lower barrels. When the material needs to be cleaned by unloading, the stainless steel collecting barrel can be lowered by pulling down the pressure rod structure, pulled out, and the casters can be moved to the recovery position and dumped. After cleaning, close the empty bucket.

Can also be configured according to customer needs, using gas cap type, automatic discharge type and other modes.


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>> ZD Series Central Dust Collector(Reference and technical parameters)

The specifications and models of different manufacturers are not the same. It is common to see small and large products on the market. The following are the most reasonable and optimized size specifications designed by our company based on detailed and parameter calculations and engineers' years of field experience. ZD series dust removal equipment can also be customized according to customer requirements .


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>> Common application cases of ZXS-1-12 stainless steel central dust collector



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