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Biological method exhaust gas purification tower

Biological method exhaust gas purification tower
Product introduction

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>> Product Introduction


Biological method exhaust gas purification tower


>> Overview of biological method exhaust gas purification tower

The biological filter tower is mainly composed of a filter material layer (bioactive filling), a gravel layer, and a multi-pipe gas distribution pipe. After wetting under pressure, it enters from the tower section or side. It comes in contact with microorganisms through the filler layer from bottom to top. Microorganisms use volatile organic compounds as a carbon source and energy source under itchy conditions, and degrade them to feed non-toxic and harmless substances such as CO2 and H2O. The purified gas is discharged from the top of the tower. At the same time, during the reaction, the spraying device is used to regularly spray the filler layer to supplement water and nutrients.


Schematic diagram of biological filtration tower

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>> Reactor for biological method exhaust gas purification tower

1.The device consists of four parts: a sampling system, a temperature control system, a biological filter tower and a spray system;

2. The biological filter tower system includes 3 sets of parallel high-temperature biological filter devices, which respectively process different exhaust gases;

3. The tower body is a stainless steel cylinder with an inner diameter of 80mm. There are 2 layers of filler in the tower. The upper layer is 30cm perlite (diameter: about 5-8mm). The lower layer is 3cm ceramsite. The total volume of the filler layer is 1.5L.




>> biological exhaust gas purification tower basic features

Less equipment, simple operation, no need to add nutrients, low investment and operation costs, and high VOCs removal rate.

vertical structure, installation footprint suitable for small spaces.

uSuitable  for gaseous and liquid pollution sources.

u For general  use, it is made of PP material and A board. It has beautiful appearance, smooth inside and outside, strong anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, light weight, and resistance to UV aging.

For special purposes, it can be made of stainless steel, and the material can be 201/304 / 316L, etc.

uEquipment  removal efficiency is up to 95% and excellent performance.



>> Scope of application of biological method exhaust gas purification tower

Treatment of various harmful gases such as H 2 S, SO X , NO X , HCI, NH 3 , CI 2 and other malodorous gases.

Sewage treatment plant, waste landfill plant purification of exhaust gas.

uSemiconductor  manufacturing industry, photoelectric industry and other purification treatment.

Treatment of exhaust gas from incinerators and industrial furnaces.

uPurified  treatment of soot, acid, alkali and malodorous gas discharged from printed circuit board industry, battery, electronic component industry, electroplating, pretreatment, chemical industry, steel industry, dyestuff industry



>> Common application cases of biological method exhaust gas purification tower




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