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Talk about what need to pay attention to when spray tower is installed?

Befrom:Guangzhou PuYi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.  发布时间:2018-05-07 16:47:51

    Spray tower is also called spray tower. First of all, this equipment has no packing or tray in the tower, but it has an absorption tower with nozzles. Then the liquid enters the tower through the top of the tower. In the process, it needs to be sprayed into a mist or raindrop through a nozzle; then the gas will enter the lower part of the tower and come into contact with the mist or raindrop-like liquid for mass transfer. .This allows relatively soluble components in the gas to be absorbed. The last spray tower has the advantages of simple structure, not easy to be blocked, low resistance and convenient operation and maintenance. So, what should you pay attention to when installing the spray tower? Below, I will give you a brief introduction!

Spray tower

1. Need to do a good job in construction to save as much steel pipe as possible, because the distance above the nozzle is usually 3.2-3.6 meters, but because the steel pipe is fixed at six meters, we need to plan the amount of steel pipe used, so Only companies can benefit. It also needs to be marked when processing pipelines, which saves time during installation.

2. During the pipeline processing, it is necessary to arrange personnel to install the support and hanger above the pipeline, so that it can be installed directly after processing. After installation, the main pipeline needs to be installed first, so it is best to wait until the ground assembly is completed before connecting the main pipeline. This saves labor.

3. Pay attention to the safety of working at height and electricity. Not only need to prevent the damage caused by the machine, but also pay attention to the depth and shape of the groove when pressing the groove, so as to avoid unqualified machining. The leakage caused by it, at the same time we need to pay attention to the quality of the thread. It is best to test the pipeline pressure after the pipeline network is installed to ensure that the pipeline network is not leaking.

4. When cooperating with other professional constructions, you must be careful to protect the finished product, especially when you are decorating the ceiling, you must leave the position of the sprinkler to the hole, and it is best not to miss the sprinkler.

Spray tower

 Finally, after the system is installed, the linkage test must be performed to ensure the normal operation of the system. There is also the need to install according to the instructions when installing the wet alarm valve, so that mistakes in installation can be avoided. When installing, you should also pay attention to adjusting the rotation direction of the spray pump and the installation direction of the check valve on the pipeline. For more information about spray towers, please visit our official website: http://en.pureyie.com/

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