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Brief analysis of the characteristics and applicable places of the ion deodorization series of exhau

Befrom:Guangzhou PuYi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.  发布时间:2018-04-27 11:06:25

   Ion deodorization equipment is composed of ion generators, ion transfer tubes, and control systems. It is mainly used for air purification equipment to deodorize and remove odors. It is widely used in fresh air systems, factories, workshops, sewage stations, Garbage deodorization and other places. We often see plasma deodorization equipment, high energy ion deodorization equipment, photohydrogen ion deodorization equipment. So, what are the characteristics and application areas of the ion deodorization series? Let ’s take a look with the deodorization equipment manufacturers!

 Plasma waste gas treatment equipment

I. Features:

① It can solve air pollution and improve the air quality of the working environment.

② The operation is programmed and intelligent, and it can run continuously or intermittently.

③ It does not produce ozone and is not irritating to the respiratory system; especially it is not corrosive to pipes and equipment, and it also has a protective effect on instruments.

④ The equipment can be attached to the ventilation system without occupying a large space.

⑤ Simple operation and maintenance, easy replacement of spare parts, no need to be on duty.

⑥ The main equipment and components are imported from the original, so its equipment has a long service life.

Applicable places:

① Food processing industry: widely used in aquatic products, meat and poultry, vegetables and other food processing workshops and refrigerators. Main functions: Can reduce the dust concentration in the air; eliminate spores, bacterial viruses, odors, etc.

② Municipal industries such as sewage and garbage treatment plants: They are widely used in sewage plants, sewage pumping stations, sludge dumps, and manure disposal sites. The main function is to eliminate suspended matter and harmful gases, odors, etc .; thereby reducing dust And kill viruses.

③ Indoor air purification: It is widely used in restaurants, airports, stations, cruise ships, guest rooms, shops, exhibition halls, railway stations, stadiums and other places. The main function: it can reduce the inhalable substances in the air; thus prevent bacterial invasion and cross infection; increase the ion concentration of indoor air.

④ Chemical industry static electricity and dust removal: widely used in chemical industry, computer room, paper industry, electronics industry, printing industry and other places. Main function: it can reduce the dust in the air; eliminate static electricity, odor, volatile organic solvents, etc.

 Plasma waste gas treatment equipment

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