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What are the characteristics of activated carbon adsorption on exhaust gas?

Befrom:Guangzhou PuYi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.  发布时间:2018-05-02 17:53:35

  The main role of activated carbon adsorption is to remove some odors in water, natural and synthetic dissolved organic matter, and micro-polluting substances. Especially for most of the relatively large organic molecules and aromatic compounds, halogenated alkynes, etc. can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of activated carbon and in the interstices, it also has very good effects on synthetic and low molecular weight organics. And because activated carbon adsorption is a deep purification process, it is mainly applied to the final treatment of wastewater and the purification treatment of long-term water and domestic water. Therefore, when there is a lot of dust and particulate matter, the activated carbon adsorption device can also be used with water curtain machines, water spray towers, UV plasma and other equipment, so as to achieve exhaust emission purification standards. So, what are the characteristics of activated carbon adsorption on exhaust gas? Now, the activated carbon equipment company will give a brief introduction to the construction!

 Activated carbon equipment

(1) Adsorption of aromatic compounds is better than adsorption of non-aromatic compounds; adsorption of hydrocarbons with branched bonds is better than adsorption of linear hydrocarbons; and adsorption of inorganic groups on organics Group materials are lower than those that do not contain inorganic groups.

(2) The compounds with large molecular weight and high boiling point are more effective than the compounds with small molecular weight and low boiling point. The molecular size of the adsorbent on the pores of the activated carbon or the geometric size of the ions can be used more effectively.

(3) When activated carbon forms basic oxides, it will be very easy to adsorb acidic compounds; but when acidic compounds are formed on the surface, it will be easier to adsorb basic compounds.

(4) The more the mixed gas components, the more serious the reduction of the activated carbon adsorption capacity.

(5) The higher the concentration of adsorbate, the higher the amount of adsorption; the larger the internal surface area of the adsorbent, the higher the amount of adsorption.

(6) If it is covered on the water molecule layer, it will cause activated carbon to reduce the adsorption force of some organic solvents with relatively strong polarity, and it will also have more influence on the increase of water vapor. obvious. Therefore, when the humidity of the gas is greater than 50%, its adsorption will be enhanced, especially for relatively low concentrations of VOCs. Because usually when the humidity is above 40%, the adsorption amount in it will start to decrease, but when it is above 80%, the adsorption amount will drop by 50%.

(7) Influence on temperature. Because adsorption is an exothermic reaction. So when the temperature is lowered, it is favorable for adsorption, and vice versa. The so-called adsorption heat is the total heat released by the adsorbent solute per unit weight of activated carbon adsorption. Therefore, the greater the heat of adsorption, the greater the effect of this temperature on adsorption. In addition, because temperature has a certain effect on the solubility of the substance, it will also affect the adsorption.

(8) If granular activated carbon is used as the adsorbent material, the temperature needs to be controlled within 40 ° C. However, if honeycomb activated carbon is used as the adsorbent material, the velocity of the air flow tower in the equipment can be relatively large. It can be selected in the range, but the maximum can only take the high-altitude tower speed of 2m / s, so the honeycomb activated carbon is very suitable for the adsorption and purification of organic waste gas under large air volume conditions. Low concentration and low flow rate are conducive to adsorption, and the penetration and adsorption equilibrium time are longer.

(9) For the length above the adsorption band, it increases with the increase of the flow velocity and the particle size of the activated carbon. So for a single component, the length of the adsorption band also increases as the adsorption flow rate increases, and it also increases as the particle size above the activated carbon increases. However, for multiple components, those with lower adsorption will penetrate first, and those with higher adsorption will penetrate later. Therefore, in the overlap zone of the adsorption zone, it is the compression that is preferentially adsorbed and is concentrated by the post-adsorption.

 Activated carbon equipment

  These are the Guangzhou Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Pu a release of relevant information. For more information about the device aspects of activated carbon, please visit our official website: http://en.pureyie.com/

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