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Introduction to the working mechanism of spray tower exhaust gas purification, odor removal, desulfu

Befrom:Guangzhou PuYi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.  发布时间:2018-04-21 13:31:42

Spray tower, also called spray tower, is the simplest and most commonly used equipment for exhaust gas treatment and purification. It is widely used in various industrial gas treatment, separation, deodorization, desulfurization and dust removal. Its principle is simply to spray the dust removal and deodorization desulfurization liquid from the top of the reaction tower into a mist or a small droplet shape, and spray the gas to be treated with the bottom of the tower to maximize the contact area through the filling in the tower, and the discharged gas should be discharged. The removed substances achieve the purpose of purification, deodorization, desulfurization, and dust removal.

   The structure of the spray tower is as follows: There is a gas-water separator at the top of the reaction tower, which is used to trap the spray liquid. Then there is a liquid distributor, its role is to make the liquid evenly distributed. There are two layers of packing in the middle of the reaction tower, and its role is to make gas and liquid want to contact for mass transfer process. The packing has two layers. In order to prevent the liquid wall flow phenomenon, which causes uneven gas-liquid contact, and reduces the efficiency of the mass transfer process, there will be a redistribution device at the bottom of the packing on the upper layer to spray the liquid evenly on the lower packing. There will be a circulating water tank at the bottom of the tower to replenish the spray liquid. Generally, the bottom of the tower will have a liquid collecting tank, a sedimentation tank, and the spray liquid is collected for recycling.


   Through the introduction of the spray tower structure, we can know its following characteristics:

   1. Simple structure and low price. It is also easy to install and customize, and the material container can be customized according to the substance to be processed. , There will be fewer failures, later maintenance is easier, and subsequent costs are lower.

   2. Generally, the reaction tower is vertical, occupying a small area, and can be used in a small area.

   3. Can handle both gas and liquid to meet diverse needs. It can also be used if liquid deodorization is required.

   4. The efficiency is also good. Generally, it can reach 95% purification rate, and the cost-effective ratio is very cost-effective.

   Spray towers can be used for these purposes:

   1. The main equipment for boiler desulfurization, high efficiency and low cost.

   2. Treatment of various sticky gases and harmful gases to solve environmental protection needs.

   3. H2S, SOX, NH3, NOX, HCI, CI and other odorous and harmful gas purification and adsorption.

   4. Waste gas treatment of boilers, incinerators, etc.

   5. Smell gas removal in sewage plants and garbage dumps.

   6. Purification treatment of various soot, acid and alkali, odor gas in production and life.

   7. Air purification waste gas treatment in dust-free workshops such as semiconductor manufacturing industry and optoelectronic industry.

   The spray tower is a very good professional equipment in terms of gas treatment. Our company has many years of field experience and has a large number of detailed parameter calculation data. It can design and optimize the most reasonable size specifications, and can also customize different size specifications and different materials according to requirements. Spray tower. Welcome everyone to our website for consultation: http://en.pureyie.com/.

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