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Briefly introduce the several methods of deodorization equipment?

Befrom:Guangzhou PuYi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.  发布时间:2018-04-10 13:44:05

 The deodorization equipment is composed of an ion generator, an ion transmission tube and a control system. It is mainly used for deodorizing and removing odors. . But what kinds of process methods does the deodorization equipment have? Let me explain to you below!

Deodorization equipment


The ion deodorization process system requires the use of ionic methods and deodorization process equipment under normal temperature oxidation. The process is as follows: odor sealing and collection, odor transportation, precision dust filtering device, ion reaction and spray Drain washing system device, water-gas separation device, centrifugal fan, and finally discharge to high altitude by pipeline after reaching the standard. The specific principle is explained as follows:

1. The ion deodorization process is a very safe processing method. The principle is mainly an advanced combination of direct reactions that decompose ion-activated odor molecules and indirect reactions that decompose odor molecules that activate other gas molecules. Oxidation technology, which mainly combines the damaging effects of ions on odorous substances and the oxidative removal of odorous substances by oxygen, so as to remove VOCs such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methyl mercaptan, etc., especially in dry conditions The effect of oxidizing it is limited. At the same time, there is no way to remove ammonia and increase the removal rate after adding a spray washing system. At the same time, because the odor contains a large amount of dust and impurities, it can be washed by spray Remove stains and keep the inside of the device clean.

2. The odor generated in the sewage is sent to the ion deodorization device for centralized treatment through the odor collection system, and then discharged through the function of the exhaust fan, but the exhaust fan needs to cooperate with the deodorizer Design and selection, but also on the same civil foundation.

3. Ion deodorization equipment is a complete set of equipment, which must be a deodorization technology product that is ahead of other equipment. It also needs to be fully responsible for consulting, design, supply, installation, commissioning, operation training, and after-sales service.

4. The odor spraying and washing system includes a water tank, a circulating water pump, automatic water replenishment, and automatic sewage disposal. Especially in the bidding documents, there must be a solution to adapt to the working environment of minus 10 ° C to 45 ° C. And in order to reduce its use cost, the spray water damage can be used cyclically and automatically updated and discharged regularly (discharge every 4--120 hours), but the spray water volume must not be less than 10 cubic meters per 10,000 cubic meters of air volume per hour.

5. Because the efficiency of the oxygen ions on the emission pipeline is relatively sensitive to the relative humidity of the gas, when the relative humidity of the equipment reaches more than 95%, it is necessary not only to ensure that the efficiency of the emission of oxygen ions and ozone does not decrease, At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the spray washing system will not have a certain impact on the launch tube, because there must be a specific solution description in the bidding document.

6. The deodorization equipment using the ion method must have the following characteristics:

1 The ion emission equipment on the main parts of the deodorization system must be produced by well-known manufacturers in European and American places. This way, the performance of the equipment is more advanced and the quality is more reliable.

2Scientific design of ion generating device, small wind resistance and low energy consumption;

3 The system has significant features such as reasonable and simple structure design, small footprint, and low operating cost;

4 Stable operation on the system and strong resistance to shock load, and it can also adopt the economic operation mode on the premise of ensuring that emissions meet the standards, thereby reducing operating costs;

5 System operation mode can adopt continuous operation or intermittent operation mode according to working conditions;

6 No secondary pollution to the environment

Deodorization equipment

  The above is the relevant information released by Guangzhou Puyi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. , for more information about deodorization equipment, please visit our official website: http://en.pureyie.com/

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