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Discussion on the structure and characteristics of chemical washing tower:

Befrom:Guangzhou PuYi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.  发布时间:2018-03-17 17:53:06

  Chemical scrubber is a new type of equipment for purifying high-concentration chemical waste gas. It has the characteristics of fast response rate and high purification efficiency, compact structure, small footprint, corrosion resistance, good aging resistance, light weight, convenient installation and transportation, management, and maintenance. So, what specific structure and characteristics does it have? Now, let ’s explore with Xiaobian!

 Washing tower

I. Structure:

Tower body: according to the different properties of the exhaust medium, such as: glass fiber reinforced plastic, carbon steel and stainless steel, and engineering plastics and other materials can be selected.

Filler: It is the key point that affects the entire treatment effect, especially under different conditions such as surface load and total specific surface area. Different materials and forms of filler can be used to meet the requirements of full gas-liquid contact .

Spray system: It can choose nozzles, pumps, and pipeline synthesis systems with different flow and pressure and diffusion range according to different filler types and characteristics of exhaust gas.

Defogger: The main function is to block the water mist carried by the purified gas. There are different forms to choose from.

Second, chemical washing tower features:

1. The use of a packed tower to purify the exhaust gas is suitable for the treatment of continuous and intermittent exhaust emissions;

2. The process is relatively simple, and management, operation and maintenance are also very convenient and concise, and it will not cause any impact on the production of the workshop;

3. Wide application range, can purify multiple pollutants at the same time;

4. Low pressure drop, large operating flexibility, and good defogging performance;

5. The tower body can be made of FRP / PP / PVC and other materials according to the actual situation;

6. The packing uses a high-efficiency, low-resistance Bauer ring, which can completely remove odors and harmful substances in the gas.

 Washing tower

  These are the Guangzhou Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Pu a release of relevant information. For more information about the terms of a chemical scrubber, please visit our official website: http://en.pureyie.com/

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