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Guangzhou Puyi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. It focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of exhaust gas and dust purification equipment. R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and installation services are one high-tech environmental protection enterprise.

For many years, Puyi Environment has conducted technical exchanges and cooperation with many well-known environmental protection companies in the United States, Germany, Sweden, Italy, etc., and its product and system engineering design capabilities have reached international advanced levels. The main products are applied to more than 100 industries such as coatings, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, food spices, optoelectronics, packaging and printing, leather, rubber, coating, electroplating, textile, sewage treatment, garbage transfer stations, etc., and are comprehensive solutions in the field of exhaust gas purification. One of the best suppliers of programs.

We have always insisted on going deep into the customer's site, understanding the changing working conditions and needs of the customers, and listening carefully to the feedback from customers. From the exhaust gas capture device to the suction pipeline, from the purification system to the fan system, designing and producing more efficient absorption, longer lasting purification, and lower energy consumption and safer exhaust gas treatment systems for different customers is the universal mission and value manifestation. Puyi Environment is providing reliable protection for more workers and reducing the cost and effort of environmental purification investment for many enterprises.

Puyi Environment always takes “becoming an industry leader in the field of exhaust gas purification” as its vision. Its products will be based in China and sold worldwide, and is committed to integrating “scientific research, design, development, sales, manufacturing, engineering, and service”. Of the most innovative and internationally competitive modern environmental protection companies.


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