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TF series square swirl tower

TF series square swirl tower
Product introduction

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>>Product Introduction


TF series square swirl tower


>>Overview of the square swirl tower

The square swirl tower is a kind of exhaust gas purification tower. Based on the principle of the original circular exhaust gas purification tower, our company independently developed the square swirl tower equipment with high purification efficiency, simple operation and management, and long service life. The process and product have the characteristics of low energy consumption, high purification efficiency and wide application range, and the height of the whole machine is greatly reduced compared to the round spray tower, which is suitable for occasions where the height of the indoor or outdoor is restricted. Can effectively remove hydrogen chloride gas (HCL), hydrogen cyanide gas (NCN), hydrogen fluoride gas (HF), chromic acid mist (Cr03), ammonia gas (NH3), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), sulfuric acid mist (H2S04), alkali Water-soluble gas such as steam (NaOH) and formalin (HCHO), and can filter most of the dust contained in exhaust gas.



>>Composition and basic principle of square swirl tower


The spray tower exhaust gas purification device is composed of a tower body, a packing, a liquid distributor, a gas-water separator, a spray system, a circulating water pump, a circulating water tank, a medicinal liquid storage and dosing system and other units.

  Its working principle is: When the dust-containing gas with a certain inlet velocity enters through the air inlet pipe, the airflow first passes through a plurality of sets of swirling devices, and a spray device is installed above the swirling devices. Movement, and the formation of a large surface water film on the structural part of the swirling tray, thereby greatly improving the absorption effect. The flue gas is accelerated and swirled by the swirl pneumatic device in the absorption tower. The dust, dust, and the absorbent liquid collided, adhered, condensed, centrifuged and other comprehensive functions were thrown to the wall of the tower. The membrane flows to the bottom of the tower. Through the setting of the swirl pneumatic device, the number of rotations of the flue gas in the same height of the cylinder increases, the path it passes increases, and the gas phase turbulence is severe. absorb.


>>Basic features of square swirl tower

u  The water-washing exhaust gas treatment system has favorable price, simple treatment method, and low operation and maintenance costs.

u The square multi-spin fluid structure is suitable for indoor or outdoor height-constrained spaces.

u  Suitable for gaseous and liquid pollution sources.

u  The tray opening rate is large, allowing high-speed airflow to pass, so the load is higher, the processing capacity is larger, the pressure drop is lower, and the operation flexibility is greater.

u  The setting of multiple cyclone pneumatic devices increases the number of rotations of the flue gas in the same height of the cylinder, the path it passes through, and the turbulence of the gas phase is severe. And absorption, its dust removal efficiency can reach more than 98.5%.

u  The cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel or higher standard materials, which is durable. The filler uses a high-efficiency, low-resistance Bower ring, which can completely remove odors and harmful substances in the gas.


>>Use of square swirl tower

u  Treatment of various harmful gases such as H2S, SOX, NOX, HCI, NH3, CI2, etc.

u  Purification of waste gas from sewage treatment plants and landfill plants.

u  Purification of exhaust gas in semiconductor manufacturing industry and optoelectronic industry.

u  Treatment of exhaust gas from incinerators and industrial furnaces.

u  Purification treatment of soot, acid, alkali and malodorous gas discharged from printed circuit board industry, battery, electronic component industry, electroplating, pre-treatment, chemical industry, iron and steel industry, dyeing industry, etc.

u  Particularly suitable for indoor or outdoor occasions where height is limited



>>Basic model and technical parameters of exhaust gas purification tower

The specifications and models of different manufacturers are not the same. It is common to see small and large products on the market. The following are the most reasonable and optimized size specifications designed by our company based on detailed and parameter calculations and engineers' years of field experience. We can also customize the spray tower of corresponding size and material according to customer requirements.

The basic model naming rules are as follows:


The technical parameters of the square cyclone tower are as follows:


The above are the size and technical parameters of the conventional spray tower. For larger air volume or special size, please contact our engineers to customize it for you.


>>Common application cases of square swirl tower



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