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Exhaust gas purification tower

Exhaust gas purification tower
Product introduction

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>> Product Introduction


TP series spray type / TX series swirl type

TS series biological filler


>>Overview of exhaust gas purification tower

The exhaust gas purification tower is also called the exhaust gas absorption tower. According to different purposes, it can be divided into acid and alkali washing towers, spray towers, swirl towers, packing towers, etc. According to different shapes, it can be divided into cylindrical and square, and according to different materials can be divided into PP, PPS , Carbon steel, stainless steel (201/304 / 316L), etc. It is widely used in the pretreatment of harmful exhaust gas and viscous gas. It can effectively separate the solids in the gas. At the same time, the spray tower is the main equipment for boiler flue gas using limestone wet desulfurization.



>>Composition and basic principle of exhaust gas purification tower



The packing layer in the tower serves as a mass transfer device for the contact members between the gas and liquid phases. The bottom of the spray tower exhaust gas purification device is equipped with a filler support plate, and the filler is placed on the support plate in an intricate manner. A pressure plate is installed above the packing to prevent it from being blown by the updraft. The spray liquid is sprayed onto the packing from the top of the tower through the liquid distributor and flows down along the surface of the packing. The gas is sent in from the bottom of the tower, and after being distributed by the gas distribution device, it passes through the gap of the packing layer in a countercurrent flow with the liquid. On the packing surface, the two phases of gas and liquid are in close contact for mass transfer.

When the liquid flows down the packing layer, a wall flow phenomenon sometimes occurs, and the wall flow effect causes the gas and liquid phases to be unevenly distributed in the packing layer, thereby reducing the mass transfer efficiency. Therefore, the filler layer in the exhaust tower purification device of the spray tower is divided into two sections, and a redistribution device is arranged in the middle to spray on the lower filler after redistribution.

In order to prevent the gas from carrying the spray liquid, a gas-water separator at the top of the tower effectively traps the spray liquid. The spray liquid is used cyclically, and there will be some losses during the use. The circulating water tank located at the bottom of the tower will replenish the spray liquid in a timely manner.


>>Basic characteristics of exhaust gas purification tower

The water-washing exhaust gas treatment system has favorable price, simple treatment method, and low operation and maintenance costs.

Vertical structure, small installation area, suitable for small spaces.

Suitable for gaseous and liquid pollution sources.

It is made of PP material for general use and is made of A plate. It has beautiful appearance, smooth inside and outside, strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, light weight, and resistance to UV aging.

u With sparks or flammable and explosive dust or exhaust gas, it is recommended to use PPS flame retardant material, self-extinguishing from the fire, to eliminate the fire hazard.

For special purposes, it can be made of stainless steel, and the material can be 201/304 / 316L, etc.

The equipment removal efficiency can reach more than 95%, and the performance is excellent.



>>Application scope of exhaust gas purification tower

Treatment of various harmful gases such as H2S, SOX, NOX, HCI, NH3, CI2, etc.

Purification of waste gas from sewage treatment plants and landfill plants.

Purification of exhaust gas in semiconductor manufacturing industry and optoelectronic industry.

Treatment of exhaust gas from incinerators and industrial furnaces.

Purification treatment of soot, acid, alkali and malodorous gas discharged from printed circuit board industry, battery, electronic component industry, electroplating, pre-treatment, chemical industry, iron and steel industry, dyeing industry, etc.



>>Basic model and technical parameters of exhaust gas purification tower

The specifications and models of different manufacturers are not the same. It is common to see small and large products on the market. The following are the most reasonable and optimized size specifications designed by our company based on detailed and parameter calculations and engineers' years of field experience. We can also customize the spray tower of corresponding size and material according to customer requirements.


The technical parameter table is all based on the spray PP material. The basic dimensions of other specifications and models are the same as their corresponding air volume:


The above are the size and technical parameters of the conventional spray tower. For larger air volume or special size, please contact our engineers to customize it for you.


>>Common application cases of exhaust gas purification tower




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