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C series activated carbon adsorption exhaust gas purification equipment

C series activated carbon adsorption exhaust gas purification equipment
Product introduction

———————————— ◆  C series activated carbon adsorption exhaust gas purification equipment  ◆ ————————————

>>Product Introduction



C series activated carbon adsorption exhaust gas purification equipment


>>C series activated carbon adsorption exhaust gas purification equipment

C series is specially designed for ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon disulfide, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, trimethylamine, styrene, and VOC organic waste gas. Different materials and different concentrations can be selected according to different components and concentrations Form of activated carbon filter module, modular structure design, can be combined up, down, left and right to ensure that the requirements of air volume and filtration efficiency are met. Widely used in spray coating, food processing, printed circuit board, semiconductor manufacturing, chemical industry, electronics, leather industry, latex product industry, paper industry, etc., with high adsorption efficiency, strong capacity, compact structure, small footprint, convenient operation and maintenance, cost Low, can handle a variety of exhaust gas at the same time, automatic operation, fully enclosed, both indoor and outdoor.



>>Activated carbon adsorption mechanism

After the airflow enters the module through the air inlet, it first stays inside the funnel plate, which acts as a turbulent effect on the incoming gas, changes the direction of the airflow, and at the same time, the airflow speed becomes slower. It is divided into multiple strands of activated carbon passing through different cabinets, the odor is adsorbed by the activated carbon component, and the clean air is discharged through the exhaust port.

Adsorption process: Due to the presence of unbalanced and unsaturated molecular gravity or chemical bonding forces on the solid surface, when this solid surface is in contact with gas, it can attract gas molecules, make them condensed and remain on the solid surface. This phenomenon is called For adsorption. By utilizing the adsorption capacity of the solid surface, the exhaust gas is brought into contact with the porous solid substance on the large surface, and the pollutants in the exhaust gas are adsorbed on the solid surface to separate it from the gas mixture, thereby achieving the purpose of purification.



>>Typical characteristics of activated carbon adsorption treatment of VOCs exhaust gas

u  All adopt drawer structure, simple and convenient replacement, modular design, can be replaced and filled at will.

u  This technology can remove multi-component acid waste gas, alkaline waste gas, organic waste gas and odor at the same time.

u  Different materials and different forms of activated carbon can be used according to different exhaust gas components to ensure the high efficiency of adsorption.

u  It is conventionally made of carbon steel. The surface is electrostatically sprayed and baked at high temperature. The material can be PP, 201, 316L, etc.

u  Can handle large air volume and low concentration of organic waste gas.

u  Equipment technology is mature, less one-time investment, convenient installation and maintenance.



>>Application scope of activated carbon adsorption treatment of exhaust gas

u  Acid waste gas and acid mist, such as NO2, H2SO4, HCL, HF, etc .;

u  Alkaline exhaust gas, such as NH3;

u  Organic waste gas and malodorous gases, such as benzenes, phenols, alcohols, tritium etc

u  Painting, spraying, ink printing, printing and dyeing workshop.

u  Food, medicine, papermaking workshop.

u  Exhaust gas treatment from refineries, rubber plants, chemical plants, etc.

u  As a post-processing device for UV photolysis and low temperature plasma processing equipment.


>>Basic model and technical parameters of activated carbon adsorption purification equipment

The specifications and models of different manufacturers are not the same. It is common to see small and large products on the market. The following are the most reasonable and optimized size specifications designed by our company based on detailed and parameter calculations and engineers' years of field experience. We can also customize the activated carbon adsorption purification equipment corresponding to the size and material according to customer requirements.

     The basic model naming rules are as follows:


The technical parameter table is all based on carbon steel material and granular activated carbon. The basic dimensions of other specifications and models are the same as their corresponding air volume:


The above are the dimensions and technical parameters of conventional low-temperature plasma equipment. For larger air volume or special dimensions, please contact our engineers to customize them for you.


>>Typical application case of activated carbon adsorption purification



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